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See your competition's social ads in just 1 click.

Free Google Chrome extension that saves time and makes campaigns more effective for digital marketers.

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Easy, In-Line Social Ad Research


With just 1 click this google chrome extension will find and display ads being run by the website you're visiting. No more opening a new tab and navigating to Facebook Ad Library every time you want to see a brand's social ads.

Instant Page Insights

In addition to ads, you can see the Facebook and Instagram profile stats for the website you're visiting. This Chrome extension will give you a strong understanding of the size of the brand.

By Marketers, For Marketers

We made this extension to solve an annoying pain point for digital marketers. By removing friction we hope to make competitive research more accessible and easier to perform for all digital marketers.

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Chrome Extension for Marketers

If you do lots of research on different brands' facebook ads, you know how annoying it can be to have to tab switch between a website and the facebook ads library. With Social Ad Peek your life can be a bit easier: Accomplish a task that can take 30-60 seconds with just 1 click! This ads up when you're looking at hundreds of competitors.

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